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Cardiac Surgery

Branch of Medicine dealing with malfunctions of the human heart is a known as cardiology. At Falcon Medcare, we offer can offer all services to our patients coming from abroad seeking affordable cost cardiac surgery in the UAE.Cardiothoracic procedure deals with heart, lung, and chest problems. Various cardiothoracic procedures from moderately acute to heart transplants are conducted by our specialised surgeons. Cardiac surgery in Dubai can be conducted with expertise with our help.

At Falcon Medcare Services

World Class Medical Facilities: We have wide- range of networks having world-class facilities including the best hospitals and surgeons that perform cardiac surgery in Dubai, UAE. Our network is not only limited to Middle East.

Quality: Quality in our services is always patients can trust us. We are partnered with highly renowned hospitals that perform safe surgery, and low mortality rates from the hands of top cardiologists in Dubai, UAE.

Affordable cost: We can guide each patient coming from abroad for cardiac surgeries that provide affordable cost for cardiac surgery in Dubai, UAE.

Safety Results: As we are one of the leading medical and healthcare consulting service provider in Dubai, UAE we can ensure to provide safe and excellent results with the best hospitals in Dubai, UAE.

Customized services: Our Customized services are according to the needs of each patient that can help from comprehensive program from highly skilled surgical team for their best treatment. We provide assistance with arrangement of entire tour, doctor appointment, quotation for cardiac surgery in Dubai, the airport, pick up, and hotel accommodation.

We at Falcon Medcare, target giving the best of medical care consultation to our customers starting from the early analytic tests for acquiring our patients to the best cardiologist in our insight. We also introduce our clients to the wide spectrum of treatment modalities available at affordable prices the best suitable for their condition. Also, according to the patient's needs, we can offer similar offers in advance countries such as Austria, Czech Republic, Finland or even Thailand to enable the patient to make better decisions. Falcon Medcare Is one of our brands that Is part of and supported by Leading Falcon LLC company.