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The revelation about COVID 19 Vaccine and Cancer t

The revelation about COVID 19 Vaccine and Cancer therapy

There has already been discussion of a vaccine when this coronavirus pandemic halted the planet back in March. Vaccines against COVID-19 have been found to be our best chance of viral suppression and normalising again. And academics and scientists from around the world have been struggling with this for the past 8 months. More than 300 separate vaccines are now being made, many of them in the final test phases.
Now that initial results from multiple trials are announced, the expectation is increasing. We would like to ensure that all have accessibility to details about the vaccine COVID-19 and what it might imply for individuals living with cancer treatment in Dubai, as the latest evidence and data appeared, so we are improving this blog posting.

The vaccines were first administered to high-risk populations.  Is that a community of cancer patients and survivors?

People with cancers included. Nobody with cancer is more likely to suffer from a COVID-19 infection than the general public irrespective of the level of therapy they are under. The same happens to patients in nursing homes and in other environments where the effects of having COVID-19 are especially bad. They have a wide number of prior illnesses – elevated blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes. It is less evident to cancer patients. The main individuals who take vaccination are health professionals who are more likely to be subjected to the virus in emergency departments, ICUs and similar environments. In high-risk environments, vaccination is starting and will grow as availability increases. We can also refer to the best clinics for plastic surgery in Dubai.

Would cancer be negatively affected by the vaccine?

 Cancer therapy is difficult to be impacted, but there is no awareness at this point about the vaccine's associations with cancer or patients with cancer. Your cancer drugs will definitely adversely impact your vaccine because your immune system functions and most cancer therapies inhibit your immune reaction. It could happen with patients who are under active care that the vaccine won't perform well enough. And if cancer therapy reduces the vaccine potency by up to 50%, it's always worth it, since that's fine, so you're at most 50% safe.

Should you be worried about vaccine safety?

We have a clear sense of efficacy and the first results from these clinical trials show that the vaccinations are effective in tens of thousands of people who undergo vaccination with the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines. The regulatory authorities and the committees who will allow this vaccine for use will evaluate safety very carefully, so we trust that it is an appropriate safety profile that an authorised vaccine can have. If hundreds of thousands of participants in these clinical trials were vaccinated, we're much more aware of what the protection signature for the great majority of citizens appears like.

Advancement of COVID-19 study vs cancer.

In an excellent ten-month stretch, the advancement of many COVID-19 vaccinations raises concerns as to why such groundbreaking measures have not resulted in the treatment of cancer.
Cancers are extremely varied and complicated in morphology, genetics and behaviour, with over 200 distinct varieties. Not just that, but the particular cancer is special to itself, so one treatment can never be extended to all. It is very doubtful. Cancer will grow, adjust, expand and gradually grow in the immune system, which is one of our researchers' greatest challenges. COIVD-19 appears not to change its composition like cancer easily at present. And COVID-19 has helped researchers to identify clear virus targets that render it simpler than cancer to treat.