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The causes and symptoms of nasal obstruction

Nasal obstruction occurs when the thin wall between the nasal passages is shifted to one side. The condition is different for each pers1on. Some have nasal passages displaced to one side for others it may be one nasal passage is smaller. It can cause difficulty in breathing; since it reduces the airflow. For certain people, bleeding can occur because of this condition. There are medications to reduce this problem. But, surgery is the better option. You can seek the help of an ENT surgeon. ENT surgery services in UAE will guide you.

  • Symptoms of Nasal Obstruction.

  • Most of all septal deformities show any symptoms. However, the following are some of the symptoms and signs of os nasal obstruction.
  • Blockage in one or both nostrils
  • The blockage can cause difficult to breathe through the nostril or nostrils. You can easily notice when you have cold or sneezing which causes the nasal passage to swell or narrow.
  • Bleeding Nose
  • Sometimes you have a bleedy nose since the surface of your nasal septum may be dry.
  • Facial pain
  • Nasal obstruction can cause facial pain. The cause of nasal obstruction is the surfaces within the nose touch and cause pressure hence, severe pain can occur.
  • Snoring
  • A deviated septum or swelling of the intranasal tissues results in the harsh sound while sleeping.

  • When to Consult Doctor?

  • You must consult a doctor if you experience:

  • 1. A blocked nostril or nostrils that is not responding to treatment
  • 2. Nose bleeding occurs frequently
  • 3. Continuous sinus infections
  • Choose a Medical tourism consultant in UAE for further treatment.
  • Causes of Nasal obstruction

  • The causes of the deviated septum are the following:
  • Birth
  • Deviation septum occurs during fetal development and hence through the birth
  • Nose injury
  • It can also be the result of an injury on the nose. Such injury can happen during childbirth also. Severe accidents which lead to a nose injury and deviated septum. You can check the wide array of nose correction services in UAE.
  • Ageing
  • Sometimes the ageing process may affect the structure of the nose. As age increases deviation septum may get worsened.

The dry mouth, pressure in the nasal passage and disturbed sleep are some of the complications due to the deviation septum. Taking the right precautions can avoid deviated septum. Wear a helmet or mask while playing sports items such as football or volleyball. Wearing a seat belt while riding a motorized vehicle. Choosing the best medical consulting services in Dubai can help you to understand the nose correction services offered by different hospitals and the cost of surgery.