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Facial Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty:Nose Reshaping Surgery A Full Guide from Top Plastic Surgeons In UAE

Rhinoplasty is commonly Know as Nose Reshaping Surgery or Nose Surgery.it is mainly Done to improve the shape of the nose in order to enhance the facial Balance which will make the personís face look more attractive.

In order to bring more balance to the face Rhinoplasty patients sometimes also do chin augmentation Surgery.sometimes they may also perform some other surgeries like lip surgery,eye lifting,face lifting Etc.

(before you start all of this questions are answered by Top highly trained Plastic Surgeons Located in Dubai,UAE)

What all Things Can we expect during Nose Reshaping Surgery or Rhinoplasty?

Nose Reshaping or Nose Correction Surgery can be done in two ways either as an inpatient or outpatient Basis and it may take upto three hours to perform the surgery under general anestheisa and after the Rhinoplasty Surgery is done you will feel sore for two or three days after the Surgery

How long will it take for me to recover from Rhinoplasty?

After the Surgery(Nose Correction) you may have swelling and bruising around your nose and eyes. For most people swelling and bruising will start reducing within one or two weeks and for some people it may take more time.swelling and bruising reduction time totally depends on person to person.

What is the best time to perform Rhinoplasty or nose correction procedure?

Most people undergo Rhinoplasty or Nose Reshaping just because they want to look better when they look into the mirror or sometimes because of some kind of breathing Problem or to breath better.according to a survey most people tend to do Nose Surgery When they are Young. it is mostly because most people wanted to do from childhood itself and most of this Surgeries are performed on people who are 18 years and above

Is there something unique about Nose Reshaping surgery?

Most of the time you hear people say that Rhinoplasty is the most Complicated process in plastic Surgery it is because that we are treating an actual breathing Organ which makes it more Complex and it takes many years of practice to master it compared to other procedures and we are one amoung the best in Dubai,UAE when it comes to Rhinoplasty

Our Experienced Plastic Surgeons will help you to achieve a better result which is risk free, also will eliminate all concerns about creating an unnatural Result and in each case we make sure that our clients are happy.

How can i confirm that the New Nose Perfectly Fits My Face?

It is very important after the Nose Correction Surgery that the Nose Perfectly Fits in the personís Face and Nose also have to fit perfectly with other facial features also and Our Highly† experienced Plastic Surgeons Makes sure to pay more effort to make the proportions after the surgery perfectly Match the personís Face.

One of the method to make sure everything goes perfectly is by computer imaging.we have both two and three Dimentional computer imaging Systems which will help us to perform surgeries in advance before performing the actual procedure.

Our Highly Experienced plastic surgeons in Dubai,UAE have an eye of an Artist to make sure that the nose perfectly suits the patientís face

How long is the Recovery Time After the surgery?

Recovery is not difficult for most of the cases and for most of our patients they usually take one or two weeks off from there jobs or work, after this period they are fine to go back to there previous social life and jobs.

Because of the latest technique that we use for most of the patients the recovering time is initially one or two weeks and most of our patients say that they look much better than before within one or two weeks itself.

Most of our patients know that Rhinoplasty takes an year to completely heal and for some cases it may take upto one and half years also. that is because the remodeling of the tissue may take upto a year or year and half† to heal completely.

Does Rhinoplasty help the person to Breathe Much Better than before?

We often discuss with our patients who want a smaller and delicate Nose on the outside and also at the same time they want more breathing on the inside in simple words after Nose Correction surgery they want smaller nose at the same time they want to breathe more easily.

For patients who undergo Nose Reshaping Surgery We have to make sure that we make there breathing much better compared to there previous state and not make it worse.always breathing must be better than before the Nose surgery.

For the patients who are looking for Rhinoplasty because they want to breathe better for them we have many advanced techniques that will help them to breathe much better at the same time to make their Nose Look more beautiful and attractive at the same time

What are some of the other services which falcon medcare provide other than Nose Correction?

Some of the other services falcon medcare provide are Cosmetic Surgery,ENT,Obesity Treatment,cardiac surgery,neuro surgery,transplant,cancer treatment,gynaecology,colorectal surgery,urology and Genral Surgery