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Is Getting a Nose Job Worth it

Is Getting a Nose Job Worth it

According to a survey done in 2018 rhinoplasty or nose Job is the most common and popular cosmetic surgery procedure done worldwide. In 2016 almost 867,000 people performed Nose Job all over the world and every year the popularity of this cosmetic procedure is increasing and it shows no sign of slowing down because each year more and more people are getting concerned about their appearance.

What is Nose job?

Nose job is known in many names such as Rhinoplasty,nose correction surgery or Nose reshaping etc..this procedure is usually done to improve a person facial appearance or in other words to improve the appearance of his Nose. there are many reasons why people who want to do rhinoplasty and some of the reason are given below : -

1)Big nose That does not fit their Face
2)their Nose is crooked
3)they do not like how their Nose Looks and they are unhappy
4)their nose is too long and it does not fit their facial appearance

But a highly qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon can easily this Fix issues without any problem and Rhinoplasty or Nose job can will increase a persons self confidence which will improve his quality of life and happiness.

Checking whether you are a Candidate for rhinoplasty

In order to know whether you are a candidate for rhinoplasty or not it is better to first setup a consultation with a Facial plastic surgeon.during your initial consultation the facial plastic surgeon will do a full check up on your health,medical history and on your skin and bone around your nasal area and once the check up is complete you can speak with the plastic surgeon what all improvements you need on your Nose.

By seeing your pictures together with you the surgeon can easily pick up a treatment plan that perfectly Suits you and provides the best outcome.you may be a good candidate for nose job or Rhinoplasty if : -

1)if your facial bones have stopped growing and it usually happens after 17 years of age
2)you must have a realistic goal. many people come with unrealistic goals such they want their nose to look like that movie star, singer or actress etc but sometimes that Nose does not fit your face that is why having a realistic goal is very important.
3)you must not be a smoker
4)you must be a healthy person which means that you must not have any medical condition that prevents you from undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery

Recovering Time from Nose Job

After the surgery your nose will be little stuffy and their will be some bruising under your eyes and putting frozen pea or corn bags will help you to reduce the discomfort in your face.you will leave the surgery with a small cast on the bridge on your nose and that will be removed after 7 or 8 days after the surgery.we usually recommend the patients to take 10-12 days of leave from their work,school or collage to recover from the nose job.most of the swelling around your nose will go away after 3-4 weeks after the procedure and the remaining swelling will take little time to go away.

best time to do nose reshaping Surgery?

This vary from person to person there will not be a perfect answer for this question but most of the highly qualified plastic surgeons will only do rhinoplasty after a person as stopped growing.

Cost of doing Nose Reshaping Surgery?

The cost of doing rhinoplasty surgery depends on many factors like location,type of clinic,the experience of doctor etc..and a highly qualified board certified facial plastic surgeon who is experienced in surgery of face will cost you more than an average surgeon and their are many rookie surgeons and shady clinic’s who offer rhinoplasty surgery at a very low price dont go to them because you will only get what you pay for.

Which is the best country to do rhinoplasty?

I did my nose correction services in UAE and i am highly satisfied with their services and you may ask me why i did my nose job in UAE the reason for it is that United arab emirates(UAE) as the best plastic surgeons in the world and most of the celebrities do their Cosmetic surgery in UAE and even i recommended UAE to one of my friend and he also did his cosmetic surgery their and he is also very Satisfied with their service.