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I m Pregnant Should I get the COVID vaccine

I m Pregnant Should I get the COVID vaccine

To be safe, the most of the people getting COVID vaccine as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the trials of testing of COVID vaccine for pregnant and breastfeeding women is not completed yet. The best healthcare and medical consulting  services expert can help you. Below are added some information about taking vaccine for pregnant/ trying to get pregnant.
You have two options
Get the COVID vaccine as soon as possible.
Wait for some more to get the full information about the vaccine.

Benefits of getting COVID vaccine

COVID is dangerous
COVID is dangerous for a healthy people and is more dangerous for pregnant women.
The chance of admitted to Intensive Care Unit for pregnant women is 5 times more than normal. Also, preterm birth is common for pregnant women with severe COVID, but other obstetric complications can be increased. Gynecology Treatment consultation Services UAEknows about the right treatment for COVID for pregnant women.

COVID vaccine is helpful
COVID vaccine will prevent 93% of the infections due to COVID. As COVID cases increased day by day, your risk of getting COVID also increased. Taking vaccine will prevent you getting COVID.

COVID vaccine is safe
The vaccine has no live virus. As well as, it doesn’t contain any compositions which is harmful for you any your baby. Many vaccines such as tetanus, diphtheria and flu are routinely given in pregnancy are safe. 

Risks of getting COVID vaccine

In pregnant women, the COVID vaccine has not yet been tested.In over 20,000 persons, the vaccine was tested and there were no serious side effects. It was not tested in pregnant women, however.We do not have details about whether the vaccine even acts in pregnancy, as was the case in the sample of non-pregnant women.We do not have details about whether there are distinctive ones.Disadvantages in pregnancy, such as multiple side effects or adverse effects as an enhanced risk of fetal defects or miscarriages. People getting COVID vaccine has same side effects. The side effects of vaccine are muscle pain, chills, fatigue, headache, fever. Less than 2% people will get high fever over 102-degree Fahrenheit.
During the first trimester of pregnancy, fever may increase the risk ofCongenital abnormalities or abortion. You can want to, for those reasons, please wait until after the first trimester for your COVID vaccine. Check out theColorectal Surgery Consultation Services Dubai.

What do experts say?

COVID is very dangerous and can very quickly spread. The PfizerCOVID vaccine is therefore recommended for people 16 years of age and older in the"Under the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization, U.S. population."However, since pregnant women have not yet been observed, there are no clear guidelines for women who are pregnant.Healthcare and medical consultancy services in Dubaiprovides you the whole details about the vaccine. The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Society strongly advises pregnant women have access to COVID vaccines. Each person is recommended to have a discussion with their healthcare specialist about their own personal choice.It is recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that the COVID vaccine should not be refused by pregnant people who meet the criteria for vaccination.