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Future of Medical Consulting services :Falcon Medcare

Healthcare sector has been at the vital part during this COVID-19 crisis. Medical consultancy services have faced several challenges like other sectors. Under crisis, this sector took many innovative and new ways to take care of patients. There are notable changes that have happened in the past decade. The customer preference has changed significantly. The best medical consultancy services will help you to find out the suitable and affordable services for your budget. At the start of 2020, a survey predicted that the medical tourism market in UAE will grow from 7 billion USD to 15 billion by 2024.

The findings of this survey are the UAE`s advanced growth in the medical sector, world class and budget friendly healthcare, marketing tactics are the factors behind the growth of UAE`s medical tourism market. But, the Corona outbreak adversely affected this report. UAE has built a unique medical tourism industry with the countries in Asia, Europe and all over the world. Medical tourism in UAE has upgraded healthcare facilities to global standards to attract medical tourists from around the world. Dubai has ranked for the best healthcare in UAE by WHO (World Health Organization). Nowadays thousands of international patients cross the border every year for ENT surgery, Obesity surgery, cancer treatment and Rhinoplasty in UAE.

The uncertainty of covid-19, social distancing has decreased international travel. The World Tourism Organization of UN reports that tourism will be reduced to 50% by the end of 2020. WHO mentioned in the recent article that this is the worst crisis that international medical tourism has faced. By implementing right strategies has suppressed the spreading of virus and UAE has observed a faster recovery than other countries. Doctors are flying to the source market to do surgery and training local doctors may help to grow the medical tourism rapidly than before. Due to the fastest recovery rate in Arab nations, the health tourism can easily be re-implemented

The Middle east welcomes over 100000 international patients every year. Due to the spreading of Coronavirus, UAE closed its borders to the rest of the world. This caused bad effects on the healthcare tourism industry. The international tourist arrivals has dropped unto 60% this year. However, the UAE is taking small steps to restart medical tourism. Choose the best breast cancer treatment in UAE. The director of the health tourism department at Dubai has launched various health tourism packages to boost the healthcare sectors. It is heavily invested in testing and prevention of Coronavirus. Recently, UAE has signed with a famous medicine manufacturer to secure 50 million doses for coronavirus. The experts in the medical field hope that pandemic will slow down as time goes. The efforts put in the medical tourism business can help medical consultancy services grow as before.