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Mask and Hearing Loss

Mask and Hearing Loss How to handle

Communication became more important than ever during this COVID-19 pandemic. Social distance and quarantine have left many people lonely. The people who suffering from hearing loss are totally isolated.† Some with hearing loss depends on lip reading and facial expressions to understand the conversation. Mask challenges everyone and is too much difficulty for people with hearing loss. While speaking to a person, face masks result in muffled speech. You can approach Medical consulting Services in Dubai to know the precautions need to take while wearing the mask. These situations worsen the conditions of individual who suffering from hearing loss under these stressful times. In this blog Iím giving some suggestions to ease the communication barrier happened during this pandemic.

Video chatting
Video chatting helps to socalise to those who suffering from hearing loss. This will ensure 6 feet safe distance communication. The volume of video chatting can be increased and thereby listen the loved oneís communication. Video chatting is a boon to avoid the problem of muffled masks. It also helps to read lips and facial expressions clearly and more accurate and simpler than telephone call. ENT surgery services in UAE will find a solution for your hearing problem.
Use transparent plastic masks
To communicate with hearing loss person during this pandemic, it may be useful to wear a mask with clear plastic section in the middle. These kinds of mask will help to see the facial and mouth expressions clearly. While speaking to a person with hearing loss speak clearly, face the individual and minimize background sound as possible.
Usage of hearing aids
Individuals with hearing loss will face additional difficulties than others when wearing mask. It will be quite difficulty for those who wearing ear loops. When removing mask, the hearing aids may become loose and fall off. Make sure to slowly remove the mask. It is wise to remove the mask after reaching home.Medical tourism consultant in UAE can help you to some extent. Removing the mask in public may have the chance of losing the hearing aids. It is better to buy hearing aid clothing clip online. This will make sure that hearing aids will not fall off and not get lost.
Pocket talker
During this 21st century the technology has developed so far. Handheld pocket amplifier allows to increase the sound when wearing heading aids. The principle of working of microphone and this talker is same. The usage of this device is common during these days.
Nowadays everybody adjusts to the new normal life. But, remember those with hearing loss. While speaking to them you must be
Reduce background noise
Ask them about the communication preference.
Speak slowly.
Do not shout
Repeat if not understood.
Take turns while speaking
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