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Medical tourism industry in the UAE is growing annually over the past few years. The medical services system is a blend of public and private with the public system being to a greater extent a complete system that thinks about the whole patient needs. Health care industry has developed as one of the most critical areas for seeking after financial enhancement in the GCC. The reason why healthcare industry is increasing rapidly because of the high cost in many western countries. People are willing to travel since medical treatment in the UAE is affordable and offering all services.


Falcon Medcare assists patients living in any part of the world to get quality and affordable medical treatments in Dubai, UAE or other countries that are known as medical tourism hubs . We are tied up with renowned hospitals having international standards to offer you the best treatment at the most affordable cost. From initial consultation to visa assistance, hospital finalization, best accommodation and post-surgery care. Falcon Medcare handles Personalized service with 24/7 assistance to each patient visiting for the treatment to the country.Falcon Medcare Is one of our brands that Is part of and supported by Leading Falcon LLC company.

How we works with Clients?

At Falcon Medcare , We build a strong connection between patients and Health care providers. As the best medical tourism company in the UAE, We are committed to deliver the best medical tourism experience to patients all over the world. We follow step by step procedures to each patient and make sure they will receive the best quality treatment from us.

Step 1

We will evaluate each patient’s previous medical reports and corresponding Doctor Prescriptions and opinions.Our medical consulting services are precise and according to the previous reports, we will do the correct assessment. Based on which our next step will be followed. Our Healthcare and Medical Consulting services are 100% trustable.

Step 2

In the next step, we will analysis and planned according to the Patient medical reports and will research from our end to the best suitable hospitals or skilled doctors for your better treatment. Once our expert medical team receive suggestions we will consult with you for further proceedings.We offer the best Medical consulting services in Dubai, which you can completely confide.

Step 3

Final step involves implementation and make necessary plan. Once approval is confirmed from your end, we will send best affordable package and quotation details depending upon your specific requirement and budget. After finalizing with hospital for you, we will arrange a consultation with suitable surgeon. We will assist you also with all medical care administrations, accommodation, travel tickets, and all other medical tourism services.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons why you should opt Falcon Services since we are the best medical tourism consultant in Dubai we can provide complete assistance related to medical travel requirements to each patient according to their requirements.

We only recommend each patient the best reputed and well known specialized hospitals and health care centers which are specialized for each treatment.

We offer 24/7 assistance to each patient visiting for the treatment to the country.

We can offer affordable medical treatments.

We have partnership with many global hospitals that can give you the best treatment options to each patient.

Our Features

  • Global hospital partnerships
  • Can connect with expert doctors
  • Affordable and best medical treatments
  • Personalized service
  • Best class accommodation
  • Easy access to top hospitals.

Although we can provide the best service in Dubai, but according to the patient's needs, we can offer similar offers in advance countries such as Austria, Czech Republic, Finland or even Thailand to enable the patient to make better decisions.




    Maintaining and promoting our position as one of the top companies in providing the latest and modern medical tourism services in the UAE, as well as expanding its market by cooperating with top partner companies in other countries and medical centres in the world.


    To provide the best medical services to all customers from all around the world with most affordable cost.

  • Our ValueS

    Customer focused
    Highly professionalism

Trust Us To Be There To Help All & Make Things Well Again.

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